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Like many of our acquisitions, the purchase of the Chinook Conservation Site comes down to generous partners. "As land prices continue to rise," points out ACA Land Management Program Manager, Darren Dorge, "we rely on collaborative partnerships with other conservation groups with similar conservation goals." Our partnership with the Government of Canada through the Federal Department of Environment and Climate Change, was very helpful in this particular purchase, as was support from Pheasants Forever Chapters – Chinook and Calgary, Wild Elk Federation, and Alberta Fish & Game Association (AFGA).

The 464-acre property lies southeast of Medicine Hat, along Ross Creek. The work is only beginning, but everyone involved can already see the fantastic opportunities attached to the site. Before any sort of physical transformation gets underway—a full management plan is always first priority—the MULTISAR (Multiple Species At Risk) team will go in to do a full assessment of the property. There will be bird, wildlife, and vegetation surveys. The results pave the way for determining what habitats and species are found on the property and determine what type of enhancements would best benefit species at risk or the existing wildlife in general.

Once we finalize the plan, ACA and AFGA will take the lead in the work, and of course, our other partners will be involved. "We have great partners," says Tyler Johns, ACA Biologist, "and we anticipate they will be actively involved with management of the site." Collaboration is truly how we make conservation successful.

For more information on land conservation, please contact:
Darren Dorge
Land Management Program
(403) 562-3292


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