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Think of five species that come to mind when you think of Alberta. Do pronghorn, sharp-tailed grouse, or the ring-necked pheasant top your list?

With native prairie, tame grasses, riparian vegetation, and on-and-off wetlands, the Ross Creek Conservation Site is home to Alberta's "exotic" creatures. In fact, wildlife inventories noted 70 different species here, including eight species-at-risk like the Sprague's pipit and northern leopard frog.

Environment Canada recently selected Ross Creek (one of 150 properties) to celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary of confederation. The point is to celebrate Canadians who have set aside private land for conservation—by selling or donating the land—and the recipient organization (us!). ACA is thrilled that sites like Ross Creek are being recognized for the part they play in habitat conservation as part of the Habitat Stewardship program for Species at Risk and the Ecological Gifts Program.

ACA continues to conserve Alberta's native prairie while enhancing game species habitats on its nearly 1,000 acres. Purchased in 2012, Ross Creek is east of Medicine Hat along the Trans-Canada Highway.

With a Little Help From Our Friends

Ross Creek is funded by ACA, AFGA Wildlife Trust Fund, Government of Canada – Habitat Stewardship Program for Species at Risk, La Terra Ventures Inc., and Pheasants Forever – Calgary and Chinook Chapters.

For more information on land conservation, please contact:
Darren Dorge
Land Management Program
(403) 562-3292