Data Summaries

Thank you to Alberta hunters who were our eyes on the ground!

We have put your data to work for you by aggregating observations in each WMU and presenting summaries for some species. These maps allow you to visualize and understand the value and utility of your ABHuntLog data. You’ll notice that we do not share specific locations, but instead summarize the data at the WMU level. Only you get to see your personal data via your dashboard on your mobile device.

We are excited for what we will learn about Alberta’s wildlife through ABHuntLog! With the first two seasons behind us, we are keen to build momentum. We are continually working with iHunter to make ABHuntLog even better and easier to use. Keep logging your wildlife observations so we can map all relevant metrics (observation rates, age ratios, sex ratios) for all species surveyed and share them on next year.

Learn more about ABHuntLog on the HYO podcast:

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