Learn to Ice Fish

Looking for a great reason to get outside and have some fun in the winter? Ice fishing is a great activity for families and people of all ages. Whether you just feel like a casual adventure at a local lake, a luxury trip with tents, heaters, satellite TV, or hiking into a remote lake with a hand auger, there is an ice fishing adventure for all levels of skill and dedication.

This couldn't be easier. All you need to do is go to AlbertaRelm.com, click on "Create Account" (top right of the page), and fill out the form.

What is a WIN card?

A Wildlife Identification Number (WIN) is used by hunters and anglers in Alberta to purchase hunting and fishing licenses. The card is valid for five years and it used at the point-of-sale to confirm your eligibility for a license. Read the WIN card F.A.Q for more information.