ACA Chair in Fisheries and Wildlife

As part of the Alberta Conservation Association’s commitment to science, research, and education, the Association endows a Chair position in Fisheries and Wildlife at the University of Alberta. The Chairholder’s prime responsibility is to organize and conduct research programs in fisheries and wildlife biology. In July of 1999, Dr. Mark Boyce began his tenure as the ACA Chair in Fisheries and Wildlife at the U of A's Faculty of Science.

By addressing issues and problems relevant to Alberta’s biological resources, Dr. Boyce supports ACA’s goals for long-term sustainable fisheries and wildlife resources. A contribution to teaching is also an essential duty of the position, since the Chairholder is expected to contribute to the activities of the Department of Biological Sciences, and to the University as a whole. Dr. Boyce’s internationally recognized expertise has significantly enhanced ACA’s efforts to support the conservation of Alberta’s wildlife and fish resources.

For additional information, please visit the Boyce Lab at the U of A website.

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