AltaLink is a proud sponsor of ACA’s Peregrine Falcon and Ferruginous Hawk Camera Project. With AltaLink’s support, ACA streams live video and posts images of the birds at their nesting sites, providing a look into the daily lives of these birds of prey.

AltaLink also works with ACA to install artificial nesting platforms for ferruginous hawks. Ferruginous hawks are an At Riskspecies and each nesting platform provides a hawk pair with a stable and long-term nesting site when they return to Alberta each April.

Supporting the conservation efforts of At Risk species is important to AltaLink. It is a proud sponsor of the MULTISAR (Multiple Species, Multiple Agencies, Multiple Resources). MULTISAR is a collaborative effort by ACA, landholders, producer groups, conservation organizations, government, and industry to enhance quality habitat for At Risk species, such as Sprague’s pipit, sharp-tailed grouse, and ferruginous hawk. With AltaLink’s support, ACA is expanding the program into the M.D. of Taber.

AltaLink is committed to helping youth and their families enjoy the outdoors. It sponsors the province-wide Kids Can Catch Program, in which ACA teams up with local conservation and community organizations on free, family fishing events. AltaLink’s support helps local organizers put fishing rods in the hands of new and young anglers who are learning to fish.

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