Establishing Walleye Fisheries

During the 2019/20 fiscal year, ACA staff evaluated the value of an ongoing project at Fox Creek and explored the feasibility of a future opportunity to enhance the connectivity between Haig and Sawn lakes. At Fox Creek, our observations of walleye spawning above removed dam locations, in conjunction with historical reports, signify the continued importance of Fox Creek for Iosegun Lake walleye recruitment. As such, we recommend that ACA continue with the annual contract for spring beaver dam removal within 2.5 km of Iosegun Lake. For connectivity of Haig and Sawn lakes, we do not recommend removal of beaver dams as an effective method to increase the walleye population density in Sawn Lake. We make this recommendation for two reasons. Firstly, the likelihood of walleye migrating out of Haig Lake and their ability to cover 21.5 km to Sawn Lake is unpredictable. Secondly, logistical considerations and cost to maintain a 21.5 km stretch of barrier-free watercourse are impractical.


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