Alberta Waterfowl Crop Damage Prevention Program, 2011


Velma Hudson


The Waterfowl Crop Damage Prevention Program (WCDPP) provides assistance to Alberta grain producers in reducing or preventing damage to cereal crops caused by waterfowl during the fall migration period. Damage prevention is accomplished through, 1) the provision of waterfowl scare cannons available for producers to borrow free of charge, 2) waterfowl scaring advice available through print media, internet and WCDPP coordinators, and 3) the optional sharing of contact information with waterfowl hunters. Alberta Conservation Association (ACA), and Alberta Sustainable Resource Development collaboratively plan the WCDPP, while ACA delivers the program.

Scare cannons were available for producers to borrow at 42 locations throughout the white zone (agricultural region) of Alberta. Scare cannon distribution centres operated for an average of 83 days, with 181 cannons loaned to 74 producers, for use on at least 123 different quarter sections of land. We found 34% of producers who borrowed scare cannons allowed their contact information to be provided to waterfowl hunters. Scare cannon request information was available through weekly updates on the WCDPP web page. The WCDPP web page was viewed 290 times and had 203 unique visits from 1 August to 31 December 2011. We received requests from five waterfowl hunters looking for hunting opportunities as a result of the WCDPP web page.

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