Hay Zama Lakes Complex Wildlife Monitoring 1999-2000


Ken D. Wright


Results of the 1999 / 2000 Hay-Zama Lakes Complex Wildlife Monitoring Project are presented in this manuscript. The project is a cooperative venture implemented by the Hay-Zama Committee (a joint industry / government / public committee designed to advise on operations within the complex). Monitoring of wildlife populations on the complex during critical waterfowl migration periods allows oil and gas production to continue until threshold levels in numbers of waterfowl are reached. The alternative, as defined by Alberta Energy and Utilities Board, is a general shut-in of production for this same time period. The monitoring program was initiated in 1995 / 1996 and has continued on an annual basis until present (1999 / 2000). In addition to waterfowl monitoring, studies of migrating neotropical birds and nesting raptors were completed in the 1999 / 2000 study period.

This report summarizes activities for the final year of the proposed five-year program and will be distributed to all Hay-Zama Committee members. Information collected for this project will be used to direct further biological studies on the complex and to aid in the development and planning of industrial activity compatible with the needs of fisheries and wildlife. Migrating waterfowl populations during this study period were stable and well dispersed throughout the complex allowing oil and gas wells to stay in production throughout the 1999 migration periods.

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