Survey Protocol for the Northern Leopard Frog 


Kris Kendell


This document describes a species-based survey protocol for the sampling of the northern leopard frog (Rana pipiens) in Alberta. The protocol may be adapted for inventories of other amphibian species. Three sampling techniques for hte leopard frog are described in the protocol and include a time-constrained visual encounter survey, a call (vocalization) survey and an egg mass count survey. 

A natural history background for the northern leopard frog is provided in order to increase the efficiency and productivity of surveys for the species. Under this section, the life history, behavioral strategies and habitat uses of the leopard frog are described. In addition, detailed information on the physical description, size, sexual differences, vocalization, breeding and phenology is discussed. Finally, information on the prevention of disease transfer between survey sites, amphibian-handling procedures and disease investigation procedures are included. 

A data sheet specifically designed to record habitat characteristics and other ecological information important for the evaluation and management of the northern leopard frog is included.

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