Riparia…Say What?

Riparian. It’s not a word that everyone knows, and don’t be embarrassed if you don’t either. The roots of the word riparian are related to the banks of a river, and that's exactly what this word refers to.

ACA’s Riparian Conservation program brings in another essential element though: people. We help package together the tools and expertise for stewardship of our riparian areas, so landowners, farmers, volunteers, and whoever else can come together to improve habitat and water quality.

On-the-ground habitat restoration (think adding fencing or vegetation buffers) is a main focus. By engaging as many people as we can, we can make a much greater impact in protecting and restoring riparian habitat in priority watersheds.

“Working with landowners and our partners means we can collaborate on stewardship initiatives that benefit riparian habitat and the agricultural operations outside the riparian zone,” says ACA Senior Biologist and project lead, Jeff Forsyth. Riparian areas are complex ecosystems that provide important ecological functions and are critical to maintaining watershed health. Proper management of this sensitive habitat is essential to maintain water quality (for humans too!) and habitat integrity. Those are the clear results we’re always after.

For more information please contact:

Jeff Forsyth—403-915-8149
Garret McKen—780-219-2077
Sarah Bradley—780-617-4357

Corporate Sponsors in Conservation

Project Sponsors

  • Agroforestry & Woodlot Extension Society
  • Alberta Fish & Game Association
  • Cenovus Energy
  • County of Grande Prairie
  • Cows and Fish – Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society
  • Encana
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada
  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Landowners
  • Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance
  • Milk River Watershed Council
  • Nature Conservancy of Canada
  • Oldman Watershed Council
  • Trout Unlimited Canada
  • West County Watershed Society