Way to Grow

At ACA, we know that producers have a huge stake in maintaining the land—after all, nature supplies grazing for livestock. Grazing can support plant health, improve soil quality, and preserve open space and wildlife habitat. Well-managed grasses and soils can even sequester large amounts of carbon, reducing the potential effects of climate change.

That’s why it’s important to us to work with volunteer landowners to support these areas and help them flourish. The Species Habitat Assessments and Ranching Partnerships (SHARP) project helps landowners to conserve habitat and run a successful livestock operation—a nature-based cooperative. SHARP operates in central and northwestern Alberta’s grasslands along with foothills, parkland, and boreal natural regions, where forest grazing is interspersed.

ACA biologists work closely with landowners to enhance their operations to benefit livestock, support wildlife, and conserve habitat. We assess the health of the land, survey the wildlife on it, and work with landowners to achieve the results you want.

SHARP shares costs for habitat enhancements like removing invasive weeds, installing wildlife-friendly fencing, planting shelterbelts and buffers near ponds and streams, and adding off-site livestock watering systems to conserve riparian zones (shorelines).

For more information about SHARP, contact info@ab-conservation.com

Corporate Partners In Conservation

Project Sponsors

  • Alberta Community Bat Program
  • Alberta Fish & Game Association - Minister's Special Licence Program
  • ALUS Canada
  • Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada - Habitat Stewardship Program
  • Landholders
  • Government of Alberta
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