Harvest Your Own

Harvest Your Own is a multi-platform media property. In 2022/23, we continued to expand our digital audiences by redesigning the website, increasing post frequency in social media and increasing the number of podcast episodes.

Alberta is one of the few jurisdictions in North American seeing a growth in the number of hunters. This increase is often attributed to an interest in organic and local food, and hunting as an empowering way to actively and ethically source your own protein. The gap is that new hunters, in particular men, women, and youth from urban areas, may not have a network of family and friends to help them learn to hunt. Harvest Your Own aims to provide new hunters with timely and relevant content that will help them get started and have success in the field and kitchen.

In 2022/23, Harvest Your Own increased its social media audience to 3,623 (+162) Facebook followers, 1,451 (+216) Instagram followers, 128 YouTube subscribers, and 68 TikTok followers (Twitter is no longer an active platform for Harvest Your Own). In this timeframe, we have also seen growth in the Harvest Your Own podcast hosted by Brad Fenson, which currently has all-time downloads of 14,631.



Annual Summaries

Title Year Category
Marketing Campaign: “Harvest Your Own” 2016-2017 4
Marketing Campaign: Harvest Your Own 2017-2018 4
Harvest Your Own 2018-2019 4
Harvest Your Own 2019-2020 4
Harvest Your Own 2020-2021 4
Harvest Your Own 2021-2022 4
Harvest Your Own 2022-2023 4