Hasse Lake Fisheries Restoration   

In recent decades, changes in watershed land use have resulted in increased nutrient runoff, particularly phosphorus, into many lakes, including Hasse Lake that has led to increased intensity and frequency of algal blooms, especially blue-green cyanobacteria blooms, and fish kills. Recurring fish kills in Hasse Lake have decimated what used to be a popular stocked sport fishery. The primary goal of this project is to support and collaborate with local efforts to reduce nutrient loading in Hasse Lake to improve water quality and restore the stocked sport fishery. In 2018/19, we continued to monitor lake health, participate in outreach activities, and provide technical guidance and recommendations for on-the-ground restoration activities in collaboration with Parkland County and local agricultural producers. We will continue to participate in local initiatives, providing support through data collection, communication, coordination, and delivery of on-the-ground restoration projects.


Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI), Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP), North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance (NSWA), Parkland County Alternative Land Use Services Program (ALUS)

Annual Summaries

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Hasse Lake Fisheries Restoration 2016-2017 1
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