Corporate Partners Program

Our Corporate Partners Program was initiated in 2002/03 with a goal to work with industry and other organizations to conserve important wildlife and fish habitat. The program is guided by focus areas developed by ACA and ranking criteria developed collaboratively with our partners. Focus areas and ranking criteria help prioritize securement efforts and potential opportunities for securement. Corporate partnerships and collaboration with other conservation organizations allow us to maximize our conservation impact and the overall effectiveness of our securement efforts. Partnerships may consist of short-term or long-term agreements. In 2014/15, we acquired eight parcels of land, resulting in six new Conservation Sites and the expansion of two existing sites. These acquisitions represent 1,250 acres (505 hectares) of high-quality habitat with an estimated land value of approximately $981,900. Our goal is to continue conserving key habitats using a collaborative approach and work towards expanding these opportunities by developing additional corporate partnerships.


Alberta Fish & Game Association, Shell Canada Energy, Suncor Energy Foundation, Wild Elk Federation

Annual Summaries

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Title Year Category
Provincial Habitat Conservation Program – Corporate Partners Program 2010-2011 3
Corporate Partners Program 2011-2012 3
Corporate Partners Program 2012-2013 3
Corporate Partners Program 2013-2014 3
Corporate Partners Program 2014-2015 3
Corporate Partners Program 2015-2016 3
Corporate Partners Program 2016-2017 3