ABHuntLog is an inexpensive and accessible citizen science app feature for collecting large-scale, long-term harvestable wildlife population data, developed through a partnership among Alberta Conservation Association (ACA), University of Alberta, Métis Nation of Alberta, and iHunter. The second hunting season of ABHuntLog operation saw an increase in participation; between September 1 and December 31, 2022, 361 voluntary ABHuntLog participants completed 1,405 surveys in 135 Wildlife Management Units (WMUs; before data cleaning). The most observational data were submitted for white-tailed deer, followed by waterfowl, mule deer, and upland game birds. Several aggregated summaries by WMU of the 2021 and 2022 data are available on ACA’s website (ABHuntLog.ca), allowing hunters to visualize and understand the value and utility of their ABHuntLog data. Alberta hunters have expressed an interest in providing meaningful data to assist in the management of game species, and a desire for better information to help with planning future hunts. ABHuntLog enables voluntary submission of observational data using the iHunter Alberta app that will help achieve these outcomes, as well as provide a private dashboard summary of the individual’s observational and harvest information that they can use for planning future hunts and completing their annual mandatory reporting requirements. We anticipate increased participation in future years with improvements to ABHuntLog in 2023 and continued promotion of this tool so that we can expand the number and quality of the data summaries provided on ACA’s website.


Alberta Fish & Game Association, Alberta Professional Outfitters Society, Government of Alberta, iHunter, Korth Group Ltd., Métis Nation of Alberta, Safari Club International – Northern Alberta Chapter, University of Alberta

Annual Summaries

Title Year Category
Abhuntlog 2021-2022 2
Abhuntlog 2022-2023 2