Enchant Project – Strong Farmlands. Thriving Habitat.

We have a long-term working relationship with a modern farm to evaluate approaches for re-establishing vibrant upland game bird densities while maintaining a profitable farming operation. We also monitor a range of non-target species to assess how these treatments impact biodiversity (amphibians and songbirds). We trial enhancements that focus on improving habitat features important for nesting, brood rearing, and winter survival of pheasants and grey partridge. This includes approaches within the crop, the juxtaposition of crops types and rotation, harvest method, field edge improvements, water management and wetlands, and trialling seed mixes important for chick survival. In 2018, we trialed a tall edge sorghum/millet mix and brood rearing mix with a blend of flowering plants. The landowner planted 6.6 km of additional shrub rows (7 rows using 7,225 shrubs) to increase territorial space on the farm. We seeded an annual mix of sorghum/millet and a perennial brood mix along side new shrub rows. Winter was prolonged and severe with snowpack covering the farm from late November 2017 to mid-May 2018. Excessive flooding from spring run-off occurred over the broad landscape The density of partridge pairs decreased farm from 187 pairs in spring 2017 (35.2 pairs/km2) to 137 (25.2 pairs/km2) in spring 2018. Autumn densities also had a dramatic decrease in partridge numbers from 1,087 in October 2017 to 315 in 2018. Also due to the cumulative effects of a long cold winter with heavy snowfall, and a late wet spring, we saw an approximate 80% reduction in the number of pheasants on the farm. From our collared pheasant and partridges, both species hatched eggs this spring.


Haggins Family, Stamp Farms

Annual Summaries

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Title Year Category
Demonstration Farm Project – Enchant Farm Upland Restoration 2014-2015 2
Demonstration Farm Project - Enchant Farm Upland 2015-2016 2
Enchant Project – Strong Farmlands. Thriving Habitat. 2016-2017 2
Enchant Project – Strong Farmlands. Thriving Habitat. 2017-2018 2
Enchant Project – Strong Farmlands. Thriving Habitat 2018-2019 2