Habitat Legacy Partnership

Upland gamebirds are valued for their showy colours, breeding displays and long history in Alberta’s hunting tradition. A mix of habitat features that provides conditions suitable for nesting, brood rearing, winter protection and travel is crucial to their success. We initiated the Habitat Legacy Partnership to work collaboratively with conservation groups, private landowners, irrigation districts and municipal districts to facilitate enhancements that target these habitat features. In 2014/15, we planted 3,700 shrubs on private land (open to hunting) to create escape cover and winter habitat for upland gamebirds and other wildlife. We also maintained and monitored more than 17 km of shrub rows planted over the past four years. These shelterbelts provide numerous benefits to a variety of species and provide an opportunity to actively engage landowners and other stakeholders in habitat enhancements. To improve habitat connectivity, water quality and hunting access, we collaborated with partners to initiate the Milk River Ridge Reservoir Water Quality Stewardship Initiative project. Through this initiative, we fenced and reclaimed 150 acres (60 hectares) of riparian habitat bordering the reservoir and main canal, and we seeded 90 acres (36 hectares) to permanent habitat. A network of key habitat features connected through the southern Alberta landscape is vital to sustain and improve upland bird numbers over the long term. Public engagement is instrumental to the success of the Habitat Legacy Partnership project, and we continue actively working with new and existing partners to support habitat enhancement projects in southern Alberta.

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Alberta Environment and Parks, Landowners, Lethbridge Fish & Game Association, Magrath Rod and Gun Club, Municipal District of Warner, Pheasants Forever – Calgary and Lethbridge Chapters

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