Habitat Legacy Partnership

Upland game birds are valued for their showy colours, breeding displays, and long history in the hunting tradition of Alberta. Farming practices around the world have changed significantly over the past 50 years, with an ever-increasing economic pressure to maximize yield. Some of these practices have altered the resources important for pheasants, grey partridge, and sharp-tailed grouse, making their outcomes less stable. The Habitat Legacy Partnership works collaboratively with farmers, ranchers, and conservation groups to improve habitat and hunting opportunity for 2 upland game birds. We meet with private landowners to better understand their farming operations and discuss habitat needs. We work together to identify and map habitat enhancements that can be dovetailed into their long-term farm plans. We also engage the public in a variety of ways to raise the profile of upland game birds and highlight strategies to benefit pheasants and grey partridge on a working landscape. Public engagement activities include presentations at landowner advisory workshops, stakeholder meetings, novice shoots, public presentations, and distribution of information booklets. In 2019, we continued maintenance on more than 20,000 shrubs, including many berry-bearing species, to provide a reliable food source and create winter cover for upland game birds. Through the Habitat Legacy Partnership project, we are gaining recognition as being a partner for private landowners to collaborate with for habitat development.

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Annual Summaries

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Habitat Legacy Partnership 2010-2011 2
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