Better Fishing & More of It

The old fishing hole? It may not be round the bend, over the old fence, and two miles down the dirt road…

In fact you might find it next to some traffic lights. Still, the sentiment is the same: stocked ponds and lakes provide fun fishing opportunities for the entire family.

No doubt stocked fishing is popular. Reports show it accounts for nearly a quarter of the total number of days spent fishing all waters. Annually, ACA’s Fish Stocking Project stocks over 100,000 catchable-sized rainbow, brook, brown, and tiger trout to create “put-and-take” fisheries. Trout are exciting and easy to catch: a great first fish.

Given this popularity in Alberta, we take pride in maintaining existing stocked fisheries plus eagerly identify and screen new waterbodies for fish stocking potential. Check out these fisheries for great angling: Shell True North PondTaber Trout Pond, and County Sportsplex Pond. And we’re always open to suggestions for new ponds.

"People really like going to Taber Trout Pond. Fish stocking is very valuable. I would recommend it. It's a big improvement for our natural habitat and an extremely good value for the town." - Brian Martin, Parks and Recreation Manager for the Town of Taber.

Part of stocking fish and creating new angling opportunities is thinking about ways we can bring fishing to more people. Let’s be real: many young families simply don’t have enough time to drive two hours to get in a half hour of fishing. Aside from stocking the usual spots, we aim to make fishing accessible by stocking more urban areas for those who prefer not to travel far from home.

All we ask? Go catch some trout!

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