Would You Pond-er It?

Creating more places to fish.

Alberta anglers are passionate people who keep close tabs on what’s going on in the outdoors—and are known to stand up for fish and wildlife a time or two.

At ACA we want to give back to these dedicated outdoor enthusiasts, while welcoming people brand new to fishing too. Our work is about ensuring everyone can enjoy fishing for years to come—and that means creating opportunities that are as easily accessible and close-to-home as other kinds of recreation.

Does that mean looking for expansive bodies of water teeming with fish? Quite the opposite!

When we come across private waterbodies with the potential to be a great fishing pond, we connect with the landowner. There are many land stewards out there who are excited to increase fishing possibilities like we are. In fact, ACA has a long history of working closely with individuals to create opportunities that benefit both conservation and the landowner.

That said, not just any old slough can transform—for successful fishing holes we must consider size, depth, water temperature, oxygen level and pH. At minimum, ponds are three metres deep with minimal algae growth, and self-contained so fish can’t escape into other waterbodies.

Think you’ve got an ideal pond? If so, and you’re willing to provide public access, let us know. Before stocking, ACA will visit your waterbody and make sure it can support fish.

Why Stock?

Stocked ponds are usually more accessible to the public, making them some of the most fished waterbodies per surface area in the province. Every year, ACA stocks dozens of waterbodies with over 100,000 fish, under the Fish Stocking Program. Beyond their popularity, these stocked ponds also attract bird and wildlife species—making them a perfect hangout for nature enthusiasts, picnickers, and families.

Want to know more? Contact:

Scott Seward—780-897-3006
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