Upland Game Bird Fall Forecast

As in 2020 and 2021, we reached out to the hunting dog community in 2022 to ask for their assistance with conducting annual upland game bird productivity surveys throughout Alberta. The survey information collected by the volunteers enabled us to expand the geographical areas covered as well as the overall survey effort, particularly for partridge. We anticipate this will provide a broader representation of the annual survey results for pheasant and partridge recruitment leading up to the annual hunting season. In 2022, we also received volunteer surveys for ruffed grouse and spruce grouse. We hope to receive more forest grouse surveys over the coming years to generate forecasts for those species as well. Flush rates for both pheasants and partridge in 2022 are similar to the long-term moving average, although they are both greater than the lows seen for the past 4–5 years. The information acquired from these surveys helps us understand population trends and brood success for pheasants and partridge, as well as heighten the excitement for the upcoming hunting season as we release the survey results on our website and various social media outlets each fall. More data is required for forest grouse species to understand population dynamics.

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Government of Alberta, Landowners, Pheasants Forever – Calgary Chapter, volunteer survey participants – dog handlers

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