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Taber Pheasant Festival

October 15–22, 2022

Welcome to Canada’s largest hunting festival.

There is more to the award-winning Taber Pheasant Festival than just hunting pheasants, and everyone who has attended the festival knows that. Since 2011, we have been providing participants with pheasant hunting opportunities, and culinary experiences. It's about experiencing a different side of Alberta and bridging the hunting lifestyle. It's about seeing first-hand the importance of habitat, conservation, and partnership. And of course, having a great time!

What's in store?

  • 5,100 pheasants
  • Reserved hunting sites
  • Novice shoot
  • Game to Gourmet culinary event
  • Scotch tasting night
  • Banquet and silent auction
  • Sausage-making event
  • Free Town of Taber lunch (one day)

Regular Hunt Draw Registration

June 1–15, 2022 (Noon)

Draw results will be posted on Wednesday, June 22.

Regular hunts run from October 17 to 22.  See link for more details and registration.

Novice Shoot Registration

Opens June 1, 2022 (Noon)

Registration will remain open until all spots are filled.

Novice shoots are on October 15 & 16. See link for more details and registration.

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