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2021 Taber Pheasant Festival:
That’s a Wrap

This year’s festival was about celebrating the people—volunteers, sponsors, organizers, landowners, and hunters. Sure, the ongoing pandemic brought many changes to the program, but that didn’t affect the cooperative efforts to forge ahead thanks to the relationships formed.

Alberta has experienced an uptick in upland game bird licence sales over the last decade, attributable at least in part to our festival raising awareness. We received Travel Alberta’s ALTO Sustainable Tourism Award in 2015 and the event’s popularity continues to grow.

The collective evidence shows the event’s original vision is reality—illuminating the relationship between conservation, sustainability, hunting, and food.

Keeping it COVID-19 safe

Our event organizers’ ability to pivot and make program changes paid off. We’re proud to say our fun and scaled-down festival met Alberta Health Services' COVID-19 event requirements to keep everyone safe. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding of the changes that took place. It was outstanding! We are also grateful for everyone who followed Alberta Health Services’ public health orders and guidelines.

Thank you for your support!

Thanks to everyone who supported our 11th Annual Taber Pheasant Festival. It was another great festival, and you helped make it possible!

Special thanks go to the participation of our sponsors, volunteers, participants, and especially the landowners. Your contributions made it a huge success!


Thank you to the landowners who opened their gates to pheasant releases and hunters on their sites. This kindness not only supports the Taber Pheasant Festival and the local economy, but conservation in Alberta as a whole.


Thank you to our 48 generous sponsors! We could not have done it without your support.


Your enthusiasm, energy, and time do not go unnoticed. Your tremendous commitment makes the Taber Pheasant Festival fun and memorable.

Hunters, Festival Supporters, and their Friends (especially their four-legged companions)

Whether you hunted at one or more sites, or purchased a single raffle ticket online, thank you for supporting the festival.

Interesting Facts

How big is the festival?

Glad you asked! Here are some numbers:

  • 678 pheasant hunters
  • 202 hunting parties
  • Hunters came from 80 different places in Alberta, 25 different places from BC, 1 place from MB, 1 place from NFL, and 1 place in Montana.
  • 5,100 ring-necked pheasants released across 40 sites
  • 5 raffles completely sold out before the festival even started!

Straight from the Hunters’ Mouths

Some of the answers (most of them common with others—all about the dogs) when asked: Why do you Pheasant hunt? Or, What is the best thing about pheasant hunting?

  • “The Dogs!!!”
  • “Keeps my dad young!”
  • Opportunity for private land use. Thrill of the hunt.”
  • “Time with my sons. Good eating. Exercise.”
  • “My dog and the surprise of the flush…Oh, and the great-tasting meat.”
  • “Love to hunt—hunted birds all my life. Best hobby with friends. Tradition.”
  • “Love the outdoors, the dogs, the fellowship.”
  • “Passing knowledge to others.”
  • “My son loves it more than I do!”
  • “Family, friends, and my dog.”
  • “All of it! The friends, the landscape, the dog.”
  • “Connecting with outdoors.”
  • “For the dogs!”
  • “Tradition”
  • “Why not? Everything!”
  • “Time with kids, and it is just fun.”
  • “Warm autumn days walking in southern AB.”
  • “Enjoying Girl Time.”
  • “Bird hunting is a hobby I enjoy with my wife.”

Want to know why we asked your age?

  • Average age of the hunters was 48.
  • Oldest hunter was 87 and youngest hunter was 10.
  • We had 11 hunters over the age of 80!

Get ready for the 12th Annual Taber Pheasant Festival.
October 15–22, 2022

Online registration for the draw: June 1–15, 2022.

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