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COVID-19 Important Notice:

Town of Taber Hunters' Lunch (October 18) - Procedure Changes

The Town of Taber Hunters' Lunch may be a pick-up lunch only.

Novice Shoots (October 16 – 17) - Procedure Changes

The Novice Shoots will be split into morning and afternoon sessions. All participants and spectators will be required to wear masks in order to enter into the event area. There will be no lunch provided at the Novice Shoot. Registered participants will be contacted in advance to confirm the details of their shoot.

Regular Hunts (October 18 – 23) - Procedure Changes

Hunter Registration

General registration begins on Sunday, October 17. We are making changes to limit the number of people entering the registration office at any one time. All people entering the office wear a mask. Hunters are asked to register no earlier than 2 days prior to their first hunt. For example, if your hunts are on Wednesday, please register on Monday–not Sunday.

New registration office procedure: upon arrival, you will be given a number and asked to remain in your vehicle to fill out the initial paperwork. When your number is called, only one person from your group will be allowed to enter the registration office to receive your hunter registration package. All people entering the office must wear a mask.

We thank everyone in advance for your cooperation and understanding as we implement unprecedented restrictions and processes. These actions are to ensure we can continue with the Taber Pheasant Festival as best possible while ensuring the safety of all participants, volunteers, staff, and the local community.