Important Notice:

Taber Pheasant Festival & COVID-19

As you are all aware COVID-19 has changed how our province and indeed the whole world does business. As of the beginning of June we are cautiously optimistic that we have turned a corner and things will start to return to some kind of normal over the next few months, but of course none of us know what the future will hold.

Our hope is that we will be able to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Taber Pheasant Festival similar to how we have operated in previous years. However, we will be making a few modifications that we believe are prudent at this time. While we plan to have our celebration dinner on Thursday night, we will limit the initial ticket sales to 150 guests (the normal capacity is 400). As we get closer to October if it appears that a larger gathering is acceptable, without significant risk to the health of our participants, we will sell more tickets. If, however, by October, Alberta Health Services’ limit on the size of gatherings has not been raised, we will refund all tickets and cancel the dinner. We will put similar restrictions on ticket sales for the Culinary Night and the Scotch and Wings Night. That means only 50% of the tickets, or less will be sold.

We do not anticipate that physical distancing restrictions will impact the pheasant hunts, as each hunting party should be able to physically distance while hunting and should not come in contact with other groups during the hunt. Onsite registration may have to be altered. We will let successful hunters know as we develop registration procedures to ensure our participants and our staff/volunteers remain safe.

I thank you for your understanding in advance.


Todd Zimmerling
President and CEO
Alberta Conservation Association