New Lake Aeration Development

ACA has completed aeration of select stocked trout ponds across Alberta for each of its 20 years. Aeration promotes year-round survival and (sometimes considerable) growth of trout in these ponds that would otherwise be lost to summer or winterkill. As anglers value the potential to catch larger, memorable trout there is continued interest to identify additional stocked ponds that may benefit from aeration. In the 2017-18 season, with the support of Mountain View County we began aeration of Winchell Lake, and now aerate 19 waterbodies across the province. Early results from dissolved oxygen monitoring indicated that surface aeration maintained dissolved oxygen levels well above 3 mg/L, with higher monthly averages than in previous winters. We also identified an additional aeration opportunity at West Dollar Lake. We have partnered with the MD of Greenview and laid out plans for extension of existing power facilities from East Dollar Lake allowing for aeration of both East and West Dollar lakes from one central location expanding ACA’s aeration program to 20 lakes in spring 2018. 


Alberta Environment and Parks, Mountain View County, Municipal District (MD) of Greenview

Annual Summaries

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