New Lake Aeration Development

ACA’s Lake aeration program promotes angling opportunities in stocked waterbodies across Alberta where such fishing opportunities are otherwise limited. Waterbodies aerated in the program are prone to fish kills during winter and summer months due to low dissolved oxygen (DO) but with aeration, DO levels are maintained to promote year-round survival of stocked trout. Given the substantial cost associated with such operations, it is essential that we carefully 2 screen candidate waterbodies to ensure that we address top AEP provincial-level priorities. Each year we receive many requests from stakeholder groups to aerate stocked waterbodies throughout the province. After a preliminary review of the requests, we develop a short-list of lakes for further screening as potential candidates for future aeration. Currently ACA is screening five candidate waterbodies in Alberta by collecting DO and temperature data during winter months. In 2019/20, with the assistance of AEP, we have been collecting winter dissolved oxygen (DO) and temperature data at Little Bear, Peanut, and Sauer lakes, Bullshead Reservoir, and Kerbes Pond. This is the first year collecting DO and temperature data at Peanut and Sauer lakes, second year at Little Bear Lake, and Bullshead Reservoir, and third year at Kerbes Pond. In 2019/20, we began aerating Kerbes Pond during the summer/fall season and will continue our screening assessment to determine if winter aeration required. Based on our screening results, candidate waterbodies may be selected for development to expand ACA’s aeration program.


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