New Lake Aeration Development

ACA’s Lake Aeration Project promotes angling opportunities in stocked waterbodies across Alberta where such fishing opportunities are otherwise limited. Waterbodies aerated in the project are prone to fish kills during winter and summer months due to low dissolved oxygen (DO), but with aeration, DO levels are maintained to promote year-round survival of stocked trout. Each year, we receive several requests from stakeholder groups to aerate waterbodies throughout the province. Given the substantial cost associated with aeration operations, we carefully screen candidate waterbodies to ensure that we address top AEP provincial-level priorities. In 2021/22, we screened two lakes, Little Bear and Sauer lakes by monitoring DO and temperature profiles during winter months. This is the third year collecting DO and temperature data at Sauer Lake, and we continue to monitor and investigate developing an aeration system at Little Bear Lake. In 2021/22, we added Peanut Lake to the lake aeration project and developed the site in the fall with support from the County of Barrhead. We provided technical support to the County of Two Hills to develop and operate their new winter aeration system at Jackfish Lake.


Alberta Environment and Parks, County of Barrhead

Annual Summaries

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