Pronghorn Fence Crossing Enhancement

There is an extremely high density of barbed-wire fences in southeast Alberta. These fence lines pose a serious barrier to movement within the pronghorn migration corridor, slowing down pronghorn movements and making them susceptible to predation. Pronghorn may cross under fence lines in some locations, however barbs located on the bottom strand of fence lines strip hair off their back causing lacerations and making them vulnerable to infection and frostbite. A solution is to replace the bottom wire with double-stranded smooth wire and move it up to 46 cm; however, this is expensive and takes a lot of effort. To help alleviate this problem, Alberta Fish & Game Association (AFGA) initiated a project in 2009 with ACA and volunteers providing on-the-ground assistance. In 2018/19, we completed two fencing projects with AFGA, where we modified 26 km of barbed-wire fence by replacing the bottom strand with double-stranded smooth wire and adjusting its height to 46 cm. Continued support of the program by ACA is greatly appreciated by AFGA.


Alberta Environment and Parks, Alberta Fish & Game Association, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

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Pronghorn Fence Crossing Enhancement 2017-2018 2
Pronghorn Fence Crossing Enhancement 2018-2019 2