Juvenile and Adult

  • Small irregular dark spots with light centers
  • Underside of hind legs and lower belly becomes orange-red pinkish with age
  • Ridges of skin (dorsolateral folds) along sides of back
  • Eyes bright yellow or gold; positioned towards top of head and angled upwards
  • Never with light stripe down middle of back
  • Background colour: light to dark brown

Body length: up to 10 cm


  • Series of quick low-pitched click sounds


  • Laid in a firm, grapefruit-sized, globular mass, with each egg having a relatively thick jelly layer
  • Masses often laid on top of each other


  • Eyes located centrally on body as viewed from above
  • Spiracle located high on body, in middle of left side as viewed from side
  • Tail length up to 2 times body length
  • Dark with gold flecking above and iridescent bronze or pale gold below


  • Limited to the mountainous and foothills areas of Alberta, including alpine and subalpine regions

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