Amphibian Identification

To identify an amphibian, start with the images below. If you don't see what you're looking for, proceed to the Identification Key below the images and choose the best option that describes the juvenile or adult amphibian in question. Note that juvenile amphibians typically appear as scaled-down versions of the adults.

Long-toed Salamander

photo: John P. Clare

(Western) Tiger Salamander

photo: ACA, Kris Kendell

Northern Leopard Frog

photo: ACA, Kris Kendell

Wood Frog

photo: Twan Leenders

Columbia Spotted Frog

photo: Richard D. Sage

Boreal Toad

photo: John Cossel

Great Plains Toad

photo: Jack Goldfarb

Canadian Toad

photo: Douglas R. Collicutt

Boreal Chorus Frog

photo: Kory G. Roberts

Plains Spadefoot

photo: Richard D. Sage

Identification Key

Identify an amphibian by answering key questions about its features. Follow the instructions at the end of your chosen option and move to the next selection. Continue to select the best option that describes your amphibian until you arrive at a species name. Be sure to read all options to see which fits best. If the resulting identification fails to make sense, don't give up, go back to the beginning of the key, and try other options.

To confirm the identification, compare your observation with the photographs, range maps, and other information in the resulting species profile you arrive at. Keep in mind that range maps are often general in nature and species may occur outside, or sporadically within, the areas shown.