Juvenile and Adult

  • Dark eye mask extends from snout through eye, ending behind eardrum; contrasts sharply with whitish jaw stripe
  • Ridges of skin (dorsolateral folds) along sides of back
  • May have light stripe down middle of back
  • Background colour: brown, pink-tan, olive-green, grey to almost black

Body length: up to 8 cm


  • Series of short, raspy, duck-like quacking sounds


  • Laid in a soft, plum-sized, globular mass, with each egg having a relatively thin jelly layer


  • Eyes located centrally on body as viewed from above
  • Spiracle located high on body, in middle of left side as viewed from side
  • Tail length less than 1.5 times body length
  • Sometimes with a pink tinge on belly


  • Widespread throughout the forested regions of Alberta, but absent from many areas of the Rocky Mountains
  • Occasionally found in the northern prairie

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